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Probate attorney including wills and Power of Attorney In Victorville, CA

The Probate Court handles the administration of a deceased person’s estate, the appointment of a guardian of a minor child who is not subject to the jurisdiction of the Dependency courts, or the appointment of a conservator for an incapacitated adult. At Ritter & LeClere A.P.C. Attorneys at Law, our practice is limited to wills, trusts, estate administration and Guardianships. To schedule an appointment with experienced attorney, give us a call at 760-241-4577.

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An estate may not be large enough to warrant a formal probate proceeding. The state of California has a mechanism to address smaller estates called a Summary Probate. This allows the Estate of the deceased to be handled in a faster and simpler fashion than a formal probate. Both summary probate proceeding and formal probate proceeding were established to allow for the orderly administration and distribution of the deceased person’s estate. Probate is an extremely technical area of the law and is very detail oriented. The Probate Court can also help determine the distribution if the wishes of the deceased are unclear or if a person died without a will to distribute their estate.


In the event of your passing, it is important to have instructions in place regarding assets, debts and property. Establishing a will allows a person to express his or her wishes for the management or distribution of property in the event of that person's passing. At Ritter & LeClere A.P.C. Attorneys at Law, we understand the importance a will carries in the process of allocating and managing assets and debts. We are here to help you prepare for the future.


A Guardianship through the Probate Court occurs when both parents are deceased or when neither parent is fit to parent the child. It is the legal means where the Court appoints someone other than the parent to be legally and if necessary, financially responsible for a child. A guardianship may remain in place until the child reaches maturity or the Court intervenes and determines that the parent is now fit to have custody of the child and in certain circumstances that it is in the best interests of the child to be returned to the parent. Guardianships are complex legal proceedings and you should consult with an attorney before filing for Guardianship.